Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ooo--I am hornetbasket mad

We have a company out here called Schwan’s. It’s a big frozen food truck that comes around door to door every 2 weeks.

I had the nicest driver named Mike—always a spare minute to chat. We both like dogs. We talked about that. He hurt his knee—we talked about how to avoid surgery. You know…Stuff shut-ins like me appreciate.

Then after three years, he announced his commission had been cut and he had been assigned someplace else.

He said he felt like he had been breaking up with people all day. He was not flirty, he meant emotionally. You know people like that? Nice people?

I wrote to Schwan’s on their national website. I said don’t have the new guy bother to come. If he does, I won’t buy.

Naturally, they responded that it would take them a few days to read this, be patient.

No one ever responded.

Just now, the truck pulled up, too. I said I won’t buy from Schwan’s—take me off your list. He just turned on his heel and walked away.


Are you sick of web site email that is never looked at? Companies that lie? Companies that don’t give a flying flip what you think? Or feel?

I am!


Robin said...

I tweeted your article and got this reponse..."@robinrath I just read this. Please email me at and tell me more about what is going on. I would like to see if I can help." - are you interested in following up with them?

Star Lawrence said...

Sure, I will write to her--I love how they write to YOU and I am chopped must be steak! Thanks.