Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Startups in life--and in business

Sue Shellenbarger says many young people are stepping up and helping with the family and college coffers (WSJ, Mar 16, 2011).

In May we are having Lemonade Day—31 cities, 120,000 kids attending entrepreneur events. About 3.7% of HS seniors are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

High schoolers are rolling out the startups like mad. One kid had a car wash business he advertised with a booth at the auto show, email blasts, and newspaper ads. He even keeps track of the weather and tells customers—better wait to wash, it’s going to rain.

Other businesses described included consulting on computers within the Bosnian community, handpainted sneakers, snow cones, and lawn care.

Alas, even youngsters get stiffed sometimes by customers. Next lesson: Small claims court.

Even better, one enterprising young man said—concentrate on repeat customers who pay. They are learning, these kids.


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