Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stop--bag violation!

Paper or plastic? I think that one ended in a draw—plastic laid in the landfill for 500 yrs, but paper used up a lot of energy mushing trees into bags.

Now, some stores, Supervalu, we are talking about you, are retraining baggers to cut down on our crazy-wild use of bags.

The other day, my slippery cat food bags were handed to me, as is. Well, thanks….but I am not Shiva, the many-armed goddess.


Did I type that out loud?

Anyhow, the aforementioned Supervalu has its eye on millions in savings from cramming bags or denying them to you.

No more doublebagging! Ever! Ever, they say!

Don’t let bags be half-empty. What are they going to do—send you back to buy more?

Another chain instituted a tougher bag that could be crammed full. Customers complained it was too heavy that way.

They can’t win. We can’t win. We all lose. Well, off to the landfill—but hey, I used the bags once more for kitty litter. Feel better?

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