Monday, April 4, 2011

First let us fine all the fat people

Rants are like colds--you can start to feel overstuffed...then...BAM

I am fat. I have been fat all my life—lost the weight 2.5 times and it found me again. I am also kind of cute, blond, mouthy in a good way (I like to think), sensual, dress acceptably and have OK cholesterol numhers. The knees might be overstressed, though--and I have a heart problem not related to weight, but probably not especially helped by it.

Despite this, I am crap according to many Americans. Read the New York Times health blog, why don’t you? Man, do those commenters hate the sight of fat. They have all the answers (no excuses, you disgusting fat fattie pigs, eat less), etc. It is pretty feral over there—the fear and hatred of fat.

Now the state of Arizona wants to charge people on Medicaid fifty bucks if they don’t control their diabetes and lose weight.

This is not like getting a flu shot, people! Do it and you’re done! There are no diets that “work” really well for everyone. The surgery can be thwarted—people only lose on average 75% of the weight they "needed" to and still look big.

Oprah had a chef to make teeny spa treats for her, a trainer--and now she has quit dieting.

Oh, check in with the NYT on this one—since “normal” people (who are now in the minority, by the way) apparently have to “pay” the medical bills of fat people, this is completely justified—fine the fat, punish the fat, scorn it, ostracize it.

This is becoming a mean, creepy country quite honestly. Insurance is meant to cover the range—not cherry pick the genetically blessed, or those with an indifferent appetite who forget to eat (are the serious with that stuff—forget to EAT?), those who are still their HS weight, those who eat 11 veggies a day, etc.. for special rates—and sock the rest, insult them even, shame them.

And these snippy paragons? What about their joint replacements from all that exercise? Why should we slower types pay for that, by this logic?

If you think being fat is going to kill us so much sooner and lighten the load on medical resources that much sooner—why don’t you SEND us a doughnut or a nice steak?

And why fifty bucks? Why not five hundred? Five thousand? Or why not PAY people to go on diets—many of us sure can’t get other jobs.

Fat discrimination, don't you know.


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