Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get ready to fight for a job

Our leaders are all about soldiers and military families all of s sudden, yet some families still qualify for food assistance.

Anyhow, when they do leave the military for higher paying work or other reasons, Elvina Nawaguna-Clemente, AZ Republic, Apr 17, 2011, says servicemembers would do well to start the job hunt a year before separating.

Demilitarize your resume, she recommends. Mention your service, but take out the acronyms and militaryspeak.

Go look, answer ads, take classes—don’t wait for someone to call you.

Network like mad, especially with former military people who are already in the civilian world.

Never apologize for being in the military. Be proud.

I would add—translate your skills, team-building, management, budgeting, inventorying, nation building, technology, into work terms.

I also know a former Navy captain who ran a program for ex-military in the job world—check with your local college or junior college.

And remember--vets get preference for govt jobs.

Thanks for protecting our country. If I can help, contact me.

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