Friday, April 29, 2011

How to stay positive in your job hunt

Me? Positive? My kid made me put up a copy of the Optimist’s Code across from my monitor. Since I can hardly see, I didn’t exactly read it daily, but I do know it said to stay so strong no negative thoughts could creep in or something like that.

Oh, they creep, babies.

CareerBuilder had a column recently on how to stay aloft while scrapping around applying for jobs.

First, make a point to smile a lot! Those with a smile tend to be regarded better and even feel better. Yeah, maybe so.

Try to look at what’s going right. Well, when I saw the ghastly mess from the tornadoes, I stopped bitching about my house with no equity.

Find a purpose, a greater good. This is actually a good one, I think—distract yourself in a good direction.

If you have a job, team-build, lunch together. There is effectiveness (and new ideas) in numbers.

Hang out with optimists.

Hang out with optimists…now they have gone too far. I think it’s the ultimate act of non-icky optimism to get up, get dressed, and get going.

And if you get a pie in the face, open a bakery.

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