Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet and greet--face to face

Elizabeth Bernstein writes in the WSJ, Mar 22, about finding a mate.

No computer involved.

Wait, wait..before you freak…it used to be done this way.

People used to get fixed up, meet at parties, meet at church, find each other in bars.

Actually, most people don’t find their mate online.

I know—amazing, isn’t it?, for instance—a recent lawsuit claims half the listings are bogus.

One fellow even recommended doing some activities—comedy classes, running—and finding people with a like interest that way.

Home Depot is good, the airport, produce sections… The people in the latter are probably healthy—a plus.

Borrow a dog and go to the dog park was another suggestion.

Own up to borrowing it, though—wouldn’t want to be a big phony like some of the people on

Usually dogs can tell, though.


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