Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time to blow that pop stand?

CareerBuilder writes about how to conduct a long-distance job search if your present location isn’t promising.

First, pick a few dream locations—you can’t flit from place to place.

Second, read up on these cities’ economy. Sure, houses in Detroit may be $1.98, but jobs may also be scarce.

Read the local papers online, maybe even subscribe for 6 mos.

Use your social network.

Phones! Remember those? They actually carry speech, too—brush up on your talking skills. Keep a calm pace—you may know what you will say next, but the employer or HR person does not.

Remember—moving means leaving friends and the familiar behind. I found I was not as flexible about starting a new life as I would have liked to think I was.

You may be, though.

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