Friday, April 8, 2011

Unfit rooms

Think of a store. Now think of the crummiest, smallest,, wackiest place in that store outside of the loo…the fitting room!

Yet, I was surprised to learn, 67% of those who “try on” end up buying. Only 10% of those who don’t end up getting something.

I remember my grandmother thinking she looked old and discouraged and my mother taking her out of the fitting room and into a bathroom with pink bulbs, where she looked fabbie.

Yet why was that fitting room so awful? And they are!

According to the WSJ, Elizabeth Holmes and Ray A Smith, Apr 6, 2011, there is a move underway to spruce up these dismal cells.

Mostly these are for women—men don’t try on much.

The new rooms have chandeliers, wallpaper. Women like to go in together, so they need to be large enough for two. Some stores are adding TV areas for hubbies and the tots to wait. Some provide shaping lingerie so clothes look their best.

And, of course, lighting has been stepped up, including in some cases, dimmers so you can see how the item would look at night. Some stores also label the hanging areas—LOVE IT, or NOT FOR ME. Or they put in phones or buttons so you can get the salesperson back without going out in your scanties and clearing your throat.

All this sounds good, but I still don’t love the “rear” view mirror and thinking about some guy named Bruiser watching closed circuit TV to see if I am stealing.

I noticed Bruiser and his security buddies were not mentioned in this story.

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