Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What the heck--I'll just be a millionaire

Our friend Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says everybody would just as soon do a startup and rake in the Benjamins.

They saw the movie…now if they just had a great idea…hmmm.

Ninety percent of new businesses fail in five years.

It’s hard to start and run a company. Many people who lost “control” and got laid off don’t realize you also have little control in your own business. Customers, investors, franchise cos, your fears, your doubts, the hours—you name it—they control you.

Some guy asked me just this morning—“If I do a website, I need a server, right?” Yeah—and about a year of homework, apparently!

You need to avoid being swept away by passion—not ruled by passion.

Also, there are many people out there trying to “sell” YOU something to make your business better. I am STILL trying to get into the govt contracting, and get emails almost everyday offering to help me in exchange for TONS of money.

Owning a business is stress. It’s like homework always hanging over you—remember that from school—the paper that is coming due, the tuition due, the scholarship you may or may not get.

It’s a lifestyle where you are constantly “on.” Be sure you can hack that.

Or are you the type to want an "off" switch?

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