Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What size are you? Oh--who knows

A friend was saying she is almost a 14 but is still obese—sizes, sizes, what a life-long mess those are!

You can be a Size 4 (well you maybe) in one store, a 10 in another. A woman with a 32-inch bust would have been a Sears Size 14 in 1937. Now, she’s a 0.

Stephanie Clifford tried to talk about this in the NYT Apr 24, 2011.

Back when I had money and was able to shop on my feet all day, I remember getting 2-3of the same garment in different sizes to try. Now, I shop on my butt—and I do know a 1X is too big on top, but an XL is usually OK.

Setting sizes is going toward more random, rather than less.

One chain, Chicos, has a whole new system—you can be a triple zero.

MyBestFit offers body scans so you can be told what size you are.

Or they make the clothes in different “cuts.” CurveID, for instance, rates your um…rear. Slight, demi, or bold.

Bold would be a big ass. I know, I have one, it’s my pet, it goes with me everywhere.

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