Monday, April 11, 2011

Women need to help women

No—not like the bickering beeotches on those Real Housewives shows.

Really help. This was the general recommendation of a WSJ story on April 11, 2011, on how women can move forward in various industries. It dealt with Media, Science and Tech, and Finance.

In Media, mentoring can be both sexes, sponsoring (actually maneuvering women into certain jobs), is usually women only. More industry-wide and company-wide programs are needed. Part of this is succession planning—get women in the queue.

A leadership wisdom portal is needed to clue women in on the unwritten rules in media. More social media, too.

More women need to be on the boards of media companies. And last, women need more profit and loss experience, even running a small business.

Science and Tech is light on females—the need there is to “brand the bling,” meaning highlight successful women and glamorize the industry. Colleges and universities need more woman-friendly science programs. Diversity programs must be beefed up.

In Finance—the emphasis is on making money. Women need to know how to do it and do it. They need to cross-train in hands-on parts of companies. The potential of a woman needs to be identified and she needs to be promoted based on that, according to these respondents. Often women are promoted based on performance and men on potential. Stop writing about what women wear. (Guilty—I didn’t think the outfits of the women shown were too impressive—I checked.)

All interesting. I started out life at the top—as a lobbyist for the aerospace industry. I hobbed and nobbed. Then I became a writer and sank into obscurity and poverty. Those were the old school days—I was the woman, often the only one. Men brought you along—or didn’t.

It was pretty tacky in those days. I have a feeling it still is in some respects.

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