Thursday, April 14, 2011

You're leaving and the boss offers you WHAT?

They say the most likely to be hired are those who already have a job.

What if your current employer wants to keep you and makes a counteroffer? Kalvan Mangouri writes about this in the AZ Republic, Apr 10, 2011.

If you are productive, this may well happen. It costs a ton to train someone and get them into the culture.

First, make sure the employer is addressing the things that made you want to leave. Also be sure you won’t face the same issues at the new place.

If you feel you are underpaid, be sure the money is there. If you feel under appreciated, hold out for projects that bring recognition.

The ball is in your court—but be realistic. Some things will fly, some won’t.

See if you can find others who left even though they got a counteroffice—ask why.

You know how the company operates—is this counteroffer sincere and will it be honored?

Don’t get such a “you love me, you really love me” thing going, that you make a bad decision.

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