Friday, May 27, 2011

Been to a one-company Job Fair yet?

Jahna Berry, AZ Republic, May 21, 2011, says things are morphing fast out there—suddenly the multi-company Job Fair is not the ticket.

Now, a company—say McDonalds—holds a one-day application event. This is happening in AZ—which is good news, at least some jobs are available, although they tend to be paper hat stuff.

Recently Mickey D’s hauled in 14,000 people and hired less than a tenth.

This works for the company because they get to do quick interviews. For applicants, this gives face time, not just a chance to drop a res on a table.

Still, these things can be overwhelming.

Nevertheless, the old way wasn’t working. People could not prepare in advance. A storm window installer might not want to work at Burger King.

Jobseekers have been craving the human contact after hundreds of resumes were sent into cyberhell and were never heard from again.

Some tips: Arrive early at these fairs. Dress for an interview—lose the flipflops. Step up to the table, offer your hand. Bring a resume and maybe work samples. Be prepared to tell what you are seeking, what you bring to the table.

Ask for a business card—how should you follow up? What comes next? Ask.

Write a short note to those you talk with at any length. Remind them of the conversation—“I was the woman who had worked with Bill Gates.”

Bring it, in other words. At least it’s a person, not a wormhole in space.

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