Monday, May 9, 2011

College career center is your friend

The other day I wrote about how alumni can sometimes use the resources of their alma maters, but of course, June grads can, too.

Jahna Berry recently wrote in the Arizona Republic (May 9, 2011) that the AZ colleges are amping up their career resources.

Young workers 20-24 have a 14% unemployment rate, with many grads coming out of the hallowed halls with hollowed wallets from loans.

You have to have some game in today’s market—employers are looking for more than before.

Colleges are reviewing resumes, telling people how to dress and even which fork to use at lunch.

Students are urged throughout to go to conventions in their field, get a network going.

Companies recruit at minority conventions especially. National Black MBA Association and National Society of Hispanic MBS come to mind.

In 2007, college grads had 2.5 offers, now more than half have none.

Tips: Start early. Internships, volunteer work even.

Be on your best behavior.

Change your outgoing message to something crisp and businesslike—not rap.

Join a professional group or two.

Have an editor go over your resume.

Be persistent. Everyday!

And don’t forget the career center—some jobs are listed directly with them.

By the way--congratulations on graduating. You will be glad you did!

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