Friday, May 20, 2011

Facebook--boon or bust jobwise?

I dabble some in Facebook—I put up the subjects of my two daily sites, for one thing. Sometimes, I go over and blab with folks for while—and my deathless observations somehow get all over hell and gone.

I am a social media idiot, is what I am saying. I am not a Twitter tweetie or whatever the term of art is.

CareerBuilder insists FB can help you get a job, though.

They say to customize your avatar. Your custom avatar should include contact information, email and job history. I thought avatars were those little pictures.

See? Idiot.

Anyhow, let your Facebook friends know you are looking. Have a site where your work is displayed.

You could even take out a Facebook ad.

“Like” companies where you’d like to work—some button called “Like.”

Also, some companies list jobs on FB.

Ah—now that could be something!

What is up with Linked In—you can’t write people without being paid up, or something. Mostly, over there, I am in deep intellectual discussions with writers who will defend to the death their right to work for free.

Also—how come people bought that stock? How does LI or even FB make so much money? Not from me, that's for sure.

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