Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My trip to Customer Service Hades

I know—the stories are legion. I need a new computer, though, and a friend agreed to help me evaluate.

There is a refurbishing place a few blocks from here. But they advised me that they never looked at their website—and what did I want? Disconnect! Computers—website… Also the owner sent me a long, misspelled, unpunctuated, barely English paragraph saying it was my patriotic duty to buy from him.

Also—they sold computers with no operating systems—Windows $100 extra.

Sooo…my daughter went online with her sharp, seeing eyes and found a machine at CompUSA and an identical one at Circuit City. I like CC—long story. So I called there.

Funny thing: CompUSA and CC—same company.

OK…well, the CC guy was DRIPPING scorn for my “stupid” questions about why I need to add this, get that, etc etc etc. He would slow it down to his talking to a just-awakened 3-year-old voice. He “Ma’amed” me… “Ma’am…Ma’am…”

I dislike Ma’aming, shall we say.

So I dialed CompUSA. Gave the Item Number—up came my name. A miracle. Yes, the "sister company.” The second guy was OK…or OK-ish… I agreed to one add-on and got a fairly smokin’ offlease Dell XP machine for $202.

I was to get a $40 cash refund. OK! When I reached that gentleman, turns out it was you know…not cash…a voucher if I got some Gold Card.

Lies, upselling, add-ons…come on, companies, please lay off. Times are hard. We are poor. And you can shove the Ma’ams sideways.

Don't make me stop this car and blog you.

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