Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quitting---in style

Joshua Armstrong, Arizona Republic, May 15, 2011, says if you do quit, do it right.

He got some tips from Morris Jessup of Corporate Job Bank in Tempe, AZ.

First, write a resignation letter. Hand deliver copies to the appropriate people. No texting, no emails.

Schedule an exit interview. If you have concerns, voice them then.

Touchy issues—such as a noncompete period—bring it up, air it.

Ask the boss when you should announce it.

If you can give more than two weeks, and they want you to, do it.

Give work your full effort in the interim.

Speak well of your employer—everyplace.

What is the kiss of death? Not giving notice—not making a transition or offering to. That really makes the old rounds.

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