Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revamp your job search plan

Bad employment numbers today—could you spew?

On and on…this is never ending.

Still, all you need is one job! You don’t need unemployment to be at 5%.

CareerBuilder is right in there with some ideas.

First, don’t get paralyzed, sez Jenny Ross, Ladder Recruiting Group.

You need to tap into your resiliency skills, adds Caroline Dowd-Higgins, at Indiana University. (Meaning maybe take something that isn’t perfect.)

Go back to making job hunting full-time.

Instead of an elevator pitch (what you could blurt out before the doors open), develop a “special sauce” pitch—how are you different?

Focus on what you can do, not just what you have done.

Be a story teller—“They needed someone who knew Twitter—and I did—and no one else there thought it was worth much, then…”

Stay on the social sites.

Don’t blame everything—your age, your weight, your undyed roots, your lack of computer skills. People hire for a bunch of reasons—same for not hiring. I once hired someone because she said she had once had lunch with Mick Jagger. Stupid--sure, probably, but she stayed for years and then came back after quitting.

Just stay out there—get from no, no, no, forget it, no answer…to You know, we liked what you said about Twitter…We need to get into that.

Can you start on Monday?

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