Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want to be a CEO, ladies?

My days of ruthless ambition have succumbed to living in Sticksville, having creaky knees, and not seeing the point, but many of the young women coming up are still aiming to be boss.

I was a cofounder of Women in Govt Relations in Washington a long time ago, so I remember.

CareerBuilder has some tips.

They call CEO the C-Suite—we used to call it Mahogany Row.

In the Fortune 500—14.4 % of the CEO’s are women.

You need to beat those odds by finding a mentor, to talk with, to smooth the way.

Don’t get hung up on gender—yes, women sometimes get it short shrift. Work around it.

Don’t try to be a people pleaser—it never works. Some people just will not be pleased. It’s a waste of time. Someone once told me that 10% of the people I meet won’t like me and won’t ever get to like me.

Work hard. Let it show, without being showy.

The best titles are the shortest--CEO, boss, chief, president. As words are added, clout is subtracted.

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