Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water, water, liquid bucks

Sometimes on weekends I go to CSPAN to hear the smart people wax on. One guy last weekend said he was for $10 gas and $1 water.

What? We use 5,000 gallons here—he wants me to have a $5,000 a mo water bill? It must pay smokin’ well in those ivory towers.

Yes, every state is diverting or buying water from every other one, water is scarce, water is the next oil…but we need some water.

I, for instance, live in the desert. Yet, I sometimes leave the water on while brushing. I know this is wrong, but I do it.

Also, my countertop water filter in the kitchen maybe drips a little if you don’t press the button hard enough.

Brian Kearney, president Neponset Valley Construction in Mass, says being conscious of water will save you money. I am not very green, but I need to save.

Even a small leak, he says, can waste 20 gallons a day.

Don’t use the john to flush trash. Getting rid of a user tissue can send 7 gallons down the tubes.

Change your shower to low flow. Errr… well, I do use a handheld and take quick showers.

How about those low-flow toilets? My sister hates hers.

Kearney also says to put aerators on your faucets. I don’t know what that is. Does anyone?

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