Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We grandmas can't get no respect

Jeez, let up with the commercial tossing granny off the cliff, awready. Anybody who follows this health mess knows it’s dopey, anyhow—you can’t push a wheelchair on a forest path. Come on!

In a larger sense, older people are getting short shrift, though. Donna Ballman wrote about this for AOL.

There are nine signs of age discrimination, she says.

First, we have biased comments. “Hey, old timer.” “When will you be retiring anyhow?” Document these.

Compare how you are treated to the younger among you, If older people get laid off first, note this.

If you get nailed for something younger people do, note this.

If you get passed over for promotion and someone younger gets it, note that.

If the younger people get the best jobs, write it down.

If you see the only young people being hired, hey, note that.

If you hit 50 or 60 and start getting negative reviews, uh-oh.

If you think the boss is trying to make you miserable because of your age, keep track.

AND—remember, even if your boss is older, if they prefer younger to older, this is still age discrimination.

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