Thursday, May 19, 2011

What happens if the team turns bad

Team player, team player, all we ever hear. But what if the teams falls apart and everyone devolves into backstabbing, sarcasm, feuds, cliques, and other self-defeating segments and behaviors?

Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators International, wrote about that for CareerBuilders.

Speaking up is bad, not speaking is bad, mumbling is really bad.

One idea is for the team to go into therapy. They can devise rules, such as:

The one with the issue will go directly to the person with whom they have the issue.

If a third party is needed—that person is only a sounding board. Counsel, clarify, not decide and dictate.

Deal with one issue until it is resolved.


Ask questions.

Speak only for yourself.

Ask before you give feedback. Do you mind a suggestion?

Confirm when all accept the solution.

Conflict is the top of the mountain in a team. If you get up there, you need skills to climb back down.

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