Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being green--old school

I don’t recycle. If you don’t like it, do bite me. I have my reasons. But I do turn off lights when I leave a room, all that stuff. Solar would be $20K for this tiny hut—not getting that. The windows--$2K. Also won’t be getting those.

Someone sent me a cute email about an older woman being scolded by a grocery clerk for not bringing a cloth bag—“Your generation did not care to save our environment,” she was told.

Let’s see…

We returned milk and soda bottles to be re-used.

We took the stairs—a lot.

We walked to the store.

We washed cloth diapers—and stuck our hands down the toilet to um…get stuff off.

One radio, one TV, screens the side of a hankie, not the state of Montana.

We pushed the lawnmower. We bagged the leaves instead of blowing them into someone’s yard in a spew of fumes.

We drank from a fountain—no plastic bottles.

We refilled pens—didn’t buy new ones.

We dried clothes outside--have you even ever smelled a sun-dried sheet? Indescribable!

And we didn’t need a satellite in space to find a pizza parlor.

But yeah—this is all our fault. We are such idiots.

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