Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Company loyalty becoming rare

I used to have a real job. Back in the day, organizations expected you to be loyal to them, not go behind their backs and job hunt, but they could fire you at will.

Always seemed onesided—yet, people did stay with one company their whole career. That is long past. Now, kids today will have six or seven careers, not just jobs.

Middle-class workers are the most likely to feel loyalty. Still, they know they have too much work, too little security, too low pay and may not even stay “middle class,” whatever that means.

They network constantly now.

One in three workers hoped to be at a different company in the next year.

People post on the internet—openly. One woman even took out a paid Facebook ad.

If your boss finds your resume in the copier, what would happen?

Probably not much.

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