Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyone gets criticized sometimes

Yes—even your humble blog buddy here. In fact, EVERYONE seems to know what I should do and isn’t shy about sharing this with me.

Anita Bruzzese, CareerBuilder, says you need to be careful not to over react.

Without over reaction I would have no affect at all!

Anyhow, Deanna Rosenberg, a business consultant, was quoted as saying criticism isn’t really that motivational. Now that’s an interesting point. I find it just shuts me down.

But we need to listen to what is there for us and let the rest go. I do know that. You need to see what is wrong so you can correct it – without making it into a huge indictment of your self-worth.

Don’t clench your fists or make faces.

Don’t try to justify yourself.

Focus on the problem, then restate the exchange… “As I understand it…”

Offer an apology if appropriate. Don’t overdo it.

Agree to follow up.

I once had a boss who would take a speech I wrote and toss it on my desk and say, “Try again.”

And you wonder why I am how I am.

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