Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keep on keeping on

I have no real secrets to getting a job. There are many applicants for each opening. The economy is still a disaster.

But all you need is one. You don’t need the economy to turn around. You need to stay focused.

One job.

Let’s see what nuggets CareerBuilder has for us today.

Check out Jenny Foss says those online apps are usually read by computer software.

You need to get past that.

For one thing, you need some things to be your way. Target a company where you would like to work—even if they are not advertising. Maybe get to “know” someone there on Facebook.

Go into the company in depth. Are they up for a merger? IPO? Any time a company goes into play, there could be opportunities.

If you get an interview and they ask would you like a beverage—say yes. This means they are doing something for you! You have some standing. They tell screenwriters to “be some trouble,” get noticed, in meetings.

Be careful of details—send a thank you note but spell everything correctly.

If you email with the company—forget the slang like 2morrow, BTW, and so on. Be formal.

Any other ideas, readers?

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