Friday, June 3, 2011

My former fantasy

Someone pulls up, knocks—no, not a million bucks, silly—a free housecleaning!

Rosie Romero (a man), AZ Republic, May 21, 2011, says indeed maid service is a luxury, but what if you want to splurge?

First—do you want a housekeeper or a maid service? Do you need windows done? Knickknacks or collections dusted and replaced? Beds changed. Oven swamped out, what?

Chances are these are not part of the standard maid package.

Search for a reputable service, in business for a while (Craigs is a crapshoot, in my opinion).

Be sure the company does background checks and the people are bonded. They should also have a business license.

Ask what their insurance covers—rekeying if the people lose the key? Flooding? One-the-job accidents?

Talk price. Ask the neighbors. Your price will be lower if you agree to weekly service. Maybe.

Check those references. Start with the Better Business Bureau (which I think is a crock these days, but Rosie says to).

Ask if they will bring their own vacuums and products.

Do they use eco-friendly supplies?

Will anyone inspect when they are done?

Write it all down.

This is a stranger or strangers who will have the run of your house.

When the person gets there, be clear—can his or her kids come? Can he or she talk on the cell? How about the TV—OK to watch?

OMG—I give! I will do it myself!

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