Thursday, June 23, 2011

Politics, God and money--no-no's

The office can be a closed environment. It is not your home. People do not have to love you. Or agree with you. Once you state something, it tends to not go away.

Haiyan Feng, AZ Republic, June 19, 2011, says don’t talk politics, religion or money.

Sort of like at a dinner party. Just not office talk. Feelings tend to run high.

Another touchy subject is sex. People are at best uncomfortable—at worst may take it was harassment.

Family issues also should be avoided.

If you have lofty career ambitions, stay mum—these can be taken wrong.

Also health…too much detail can be used against you.

What’s left? Well, work. And the Real Housewives, of course. Tour of Duty, maybe. Sports.


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