Thursday, June 2, 2011

Send my decoder ring!

The secret handshakes, the scolding boxes...

I got a refurbished computer, big woo for me! Still, it was time. Of course, I went retro. I am like that. I would have a dial phone if I could.

Bam! All of a sudden, websites that loved me for a decade, Hi, Star, cute top, how’s the family, blacked me out. These are the same ones the Chinese are breaking into like mad—but no, Star can’t come in.

Different computer!

So I have to sign up again, make that 4 letters, 8 symbols excluding delta. Or answer the weirdest questions. In one case, all four “security” questions were completely unknown to me… Street you lived on when you were 8. Your first pet, and not a foster, and not as an adult. Where did your mother have her first kiss. You know what I mean. I did not know ONE!

Then those smeary numbers—I cannot read those…a d over an n, maybe?

Then MS Word—apparently someone someplace still doublespaces…this is considered the norm. Maybe from some kid’s term papers—some kid working there? Don’t know. Two days it took to fix that, you evil little genius pain in the butt.

The thing sits in there in the morning having a party—chimes, little chuckles, music, toasts…Having a big time! When I walk in the room, dead silence. Creepy.

Anyhow, I typed this on it—are you proud of me? But hey—maybe all this has been taken too far?

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