Monday, June 20, 2011

Watch those descenders

Yes, yes, type, type, thumb type, talk…but handwriting is still important, although not the primo school subject it once was.

In a story on Health Key, Anna North says concentrating on handwriting makes kids smarter.

Practicing writing a letter creates better recognition skills than seeing a letter and saying it.

The brain records more adult reactions with the writing.

As docs like to say—motor pathways are integrated.

Kids can also write faster with a pen than with a keyboard.

It’s physical—easier to get a flow going.

Also—the internet is not right nearby to distract.

I remember my daughter asking me to teach her to write “cursive.” She was 4. I made some of that paper with the dotted line in between the lines—it used to be employed to help kids form Palmer Method letters.

When she got to kindergarten, her teacher lambasted her for this—that is not until third grade! She was told. Print until then!

After that—she hated school. She has beautiful writing, though.

I find that with all my typing, my handwriting has deteriorated into a scrawl. Pity.

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