Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes--smokin' grab bars. By all means

Mary MacVean, LA Times, says aging Boomers (like me) need to outfit the house.

I mostly grab the walls and search for curb cuts. Very attractive look.

But now, MacVean says, upscale oldies like the sleek, designer look. And maybe some fun? There are toilets that play a tune. Automatic faucets (those scare me).

As for the talented toities—I am with Chelsea Handler, who says, “If they flush, you pretty much have it nailed.”

Colored drawer insides to make things more visible—one I would never have thought of.

Lighted floor tiles, LED strips around medicine cabinets. Step stools that appear out of nowhere.

An automatic trash drawer.

One woman said she would rather fall than let her friends know she had a grab bar—so she thought it was disguised by being curvy.

They test this stuff out my putting on distorting eyeglasses and gloves, etc.

I don’t need a toilet with an MP3 docking station—but those higher ones are nice. We call them "tall boys." And lose the low-flow.

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