Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, you can say no

Lauren Gambino, AZ Republic, June 26, 2011, says even in today’s market, sometimes you can get an unacceptable job offer.

I know—everyone you know is just hoping for some offer…but a situation can be wrong. You need to be brave and face it.

Barbara Limmer, a career coach at Career Navigation in Phoenix, says accepting something unsuitable can hurt you.

If you need the money to eat, you may need to take the job. But if money isn’t too tight, you may want to keep looking. Could be training and settling into the bad job will leave no time for looking.

See where you draw the line. Don’t compromise your standards.

If the job does not advance any career goals you may want to pass. All you have to sell is your time—you can’t get more of that. Be sure there is growth potential.

OK, say you hate it. Hate is hate—it usually will not turn to love or even tolerance.

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