Monday, July 25, 2011

Be patient

Eric Gembarowski, AZ Republic, July 24, 2011, says it’s common to apply for a job and never hear another peep.

Weeks go by.

This does not, he says, mean all hope is lost.

It can mean the company is deluged with resumes. Weeks may not be enough time to sort through what comes in.

A month or more…could be you are not in the “good fit” pile. Usually a quick sort puts people in Good fit, possible, no.

It’s OK to check in after a few weeks. Maybe someone left and the process was delayed. Talking to you and searching for you raises their consciousness.

Be polite, keep it short.

Never go over to the company and demand an explanation. The word “Security!” is not good.

One thing I have learned in these mean streets is a company’s idea of time is not the same as an applicant’s. They can take ages to decide.

Ages plus a few days.

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