Friday, July 15, 2011

Does not play well with others

I usually leave politics out of this, but can you BELIEVE those wah-wah babies of both parties over there in Drama City? I even suggested a facilitator if they cannot negotiate decently.

Anita Bruzzese, CareerBuilder, says inability to get along is not solved by going to a different job. For one thing, there may BE no different job, and for another, you may take your ‘tude along.

You spend more time with work people than your family. Susan H. Shearouse, Frameworks for Agreement, Vienna, VA (maybe a good facilitator?) wrote Conflict 101.

Some tips: First, don’t lapse into email when you dislike or can’t deal with someone. Keep up the face-to-face.

Be patient. Things can get better over time.

See what you should take away from the conflict—do you need more boundaries? How can you keep this from flaring up?

Keep it in perspective—laugh more, smile.

We are all on a ball blasting through the void for a short period—lighten up. Sometimes you get your way, sometimes not.

The next time? Could be your turn...who knows.

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