Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Email, you are killing me

Dean Newlund says his email addiction is costing him. He checks his email 30 to 40 times an hour.

John Freeman, who wrote The Tyranny of Email, says email is as addictive as slot machines.

The average worker spends 40% of the time on it.

Half the time, this guy says, we misunderstand the emails we get and destroy trust with dopey replies.

After each interruption, it takes a worker 25 mins to get back on track.

Email has destroyed our ability to think deep thoughts.

Newlund says he needs to check twice a day.

Take a team approach—make your whole team do this. (My dog Jim, my team member, said nah.)

The other day an email friend and I decided we were DEFINED by our refusal to use our time wisely. By wisely, people mean—the way someone else wants you to.

I am going to email her right now!

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