Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great New Yorker cartoon

I saw a cartoon, man, wife, slumpy kid walking, and the woman says, “He’s got your trudge.”

I trudge now—sort of pick through the way in a gray haze. Year after year of political BS, this, that, sad stories, fear, people sick, old,…it gets to ya.

So! How about snapping up a foreclosed house! Make others’ misery work for you! See—just not that great sounding, is it?

Ellen James Martin, Arizona Republic, July 10, 2011, says no one is sure if this is the bottom. Be sure if you do this that you are staying—maybe five yrs minimum.

Renters can swing this—so can people looking for resort property.

Some foreclosed property is in bad shape—people even lash out and strip out the pipes. Banks sometimes pay foreclosed homeowners not to trash the houses.

Try for the best neighborhood you can, the best schools.

Be sure you are preapproved or offer cash. Still, banks can drag their little bank feet.

Drag—as in trudge.

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