Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have you been slapped around by this guy?

Anita Bruzzese, CareerBuilder, says one casualty of this economic mess is trust. If you ever “trusted” your boss, coworkers, or company—you may not now.

Come to work, get walked to the car. Coworkers conspire to get your promotion instead of you. Promised a job—then oops. New job, new company—darn, the company went belly up!

You can get bitter and angry.

You know what frosts my cahooties—yuppie smugbags blatting to each other on Book TV and elsewhere about how they really don’t know anyone affected by the economy, all their friends have jobs, etc.

When trust is damaged, say the social contract about working hard, and you can get bitter.

There is a book called Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace that advises acknowledging that unfair things have happened and moving on, letting it fade, not letting it color everything that comes after.

Tall order, but it can be done. A start is to focus on how the new boss is not the old boss—unlike that saying would have you believe.

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