Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jobs--once again, jobs

Have you ever thought that the jobs are not “coming back” because they don’t need to, companies can make more money by not hiring?

Justin Lahart and James R. Hagerty write about where some jobs are being created (WSJ, July 12, 2011).

It’s a big circle—no work, no paycheck, can’t spend, less demand for products, less hiring to make products…you get the idea.

Some industries, though, have added significantly. Others are laying off. Meanwhile, 14 million people are getting desperate.

Manufacturing has added jobs—due to automobile production, which has trickled to suppliers, too.

How about restaurants—pretty fair there, too—9.3 people work in eateries. Job growth isup more than 20%. Downside—low paying.

Fabricated metal for cars and planes and other products. Also up. Orders are good for aerospace and medical products.

Computers are also OK job-wise.

Hardwired phones—down, but stabilizing.


Construction—slight gains, but housing is killing the industry. “We are about as skinny as we can get,” one man said.

For once—skinny is bad.

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