Friday, July 1, 2011

More hiring or more wordsmithing?

Out here in AZ, things seem pretty miserable and becalmed. What was the line from Rime of the Ancient Mariner? "Like a painted ship upon a painted ocean."

In this little burg we like to call Chandler, the last big “get” was some lab experimenting on animals. The last I remember—I am sure they have lured some call centers.

They always need call centers to dun people for money.

CareerBuilder says “confidence levels in regard to recruitment have remained intact.” What the patoot does THAT mean? They feel like they did?

About a third of employers in the West “expect” to increase hiring of full-time perms.

In the South, not so much—but they are expected to slack off on laying off.

About a third of those with 500 or more employees plan to add full-time perms.

I just saw where my old buds at Lockheed-Martin are canning 1500 people…Cuts in defense.

We have cuts in defense? When did that happen? They never cut anything. Except people.

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