Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now for something different

Aren’t you excited? I am creating a series of health papers—short, easy-reading, with pictures (I love those)—for five bucks.

However, I must point out that creating a series and trying to collect money is—for the computer-dopey—almost life-threatening.

The frustration! The agony! The ecstasy (maybe). The TECH SUPPORT.

I should call it the TECH PATRONIZATION… One kid was so exasperated with me he sent me a video on how to Cut & Paste. I know how—what I asked you was WHAT…you little…

People like me are job security for people like you—remember that.

Anyhow, I have two little pamphlets available. The first is on CONCUSSION—what parents and teens need to know about the latest thinking. You like your kid, right, and hate the nickname “Punchy?” Well, maybe you should pony up for this and maybe one for the coach, too.

The second one is on FACEDOWN RECOVERY, which you may never even hear of. This is what you have to do after certain eye surgeries—and if you do it wrong, it could ruin your surgery and you could be a half-blind fumbler like me.

I have not tested this, since they won’t let the Seller do that. If you have a problem, email me at and I will be in touch with my little pals at tech support. They love me over there and are awaiting my email with Cheeto-bated breath.

So now…ta da!

See? All about coping...hear that, techies?

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