Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Popping yourself out of the stack

CareerBuilder has some ideas of advanced ways to do homework on prospective employers.

First, as they say in the screenwriting business, show don’t say. Attach dollars and cents to your claims. Don’t say, “I am a trained communicator.” Say: “The marketing campaign I led increased sales by 25%.”

Yes, look at the company’s website, but go a mile deeper. Check financials, annual report, news of mergers or layoffs (this could be crucial), anything you can find. Even subscribe to the local business paper and read it each week.

Be enthusiastic—“I always dreamed of working for United Widgets—my uncle swore by your product and I have used it ever since.” Something different! Something personal even!

When you talk to them, ask how you would be helping them grow.

Send a thank you note…always. Handwritten. Not a damn tweet.

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