Monday, July 18, 2011

Punked by LinkedIn

Can you have an anti-LinkedIn group on LinkedIn?

I hate that site! It is the Spawn of Hell. Why?

First, they are relentless—never leave you alone! They invade your address book if you don’t stop them somehow, find anyone you ever met, track down the casualest acquaintance, do fixups, the person did not even ASK to connect to you. When you say yes, they respond: Well, what is that person’s email? If the person asked, wouldn’t they know?

The groups! My heavens, there must be 50 for writers, all with the same opinionated, often inexperienced, people on them. “You are only worth a dollar a story!” “I get $500 a word.” Blah blah...

Try to quit a group—you can push STOP DISCUSSION. You can uncheck LET ME KNOW IF SOMEONE ANSWERS…it does no good—you are still in the group. This means about half a dozen emails a day!

PunkedIn upsells their guts out—be a premium this, a platinum that. Give us MONEY!!! What about our IPO? We can’t be poor like you!

I finally quit the whole schmear! Quit, I say. Then a friend said this meant my recommendation of her was yanked!

They are bums, I am telling you.

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