Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spit it out!

Anita Bruzzese, CareerBuilder, talks about effective communication.

Just that phrase is a yawner to me. Jargony.

She quotes Ben Decker of Decker Communications. He advises getting to the point and not parading your knowledge or guarding your own interests.

Start with a statement the person can nod in agreement with. Don’t spew data.

If you can set up a camera—see how you do in a meeting.

You want energy in your voice, friendliness, clarity.

Don’t hide behind emails and texts—talk to people!

Have some ebb and flow, some differences in intensity, some humor.

Pausing shows confidence…do it now and then.

Might I add—lose the phony words that aren’t “you”—some examples may be “bunch of,” “folks,” and “guys.” Never say, "Let me be very clear."

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