Friday, July 8, 2011

Your ad decoder

I said something to someone the other day about a job being “wired.” That means-- meant for a specific person but they have to advertise it anyway. This makes for a very detailed job description, such as 4 years experience with a non-governmental organization, in West Africa, PhD, MA in social networking, etc. Only one person could meet the requirements.

Bingo—that person was always getting it.

CareerBuilder has some other hints for how to read job ads like an insider.

“Experience preferred” means they would like some specific experience, but will not throw you out if you don’t have much.

“Experience required” means—better have it.

“Entry-level” means fresh out of school is OK. “Junior level” means a few yrs of experience. “Senior level”—five or more yrs.

“Working knowledge” means you have heard of the industry, topic, type of job, etc.

“Proficient in” means you have used the tool—one yr should be enough.

“Command of”—you could teach it.

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