Monday, July 11, 2011

Your boss is not your bud

Yvonne Gonzalez, Arizona Republic, July 10, 2011, says you should exercise some caution when socializing with people from work.

As we have said, politics, religion and money are off the er…table.

Be careful forwarding stupid so-called funny emails. Some people have no sense of humor. Often they are called bosses.

If you go out after work, watch the booze. Talk can turn to work..and you could say something that gets around.

The same goes for company events—one drink or less.

If you are the boss, don’t share your doubts about the company, your future plans, your feelings about other people at your level, and so on. The employee or report is not your friend—they work for you.

When I was a boss, I used to do the latter too much—and it backfired many, many times. Yes, they took advantage of my egalitarian philosophy to screw me.

So listen to Auntie Star now.

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