Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you a good negotiator?

No, not a hostage negotiator—are you getting THAT desperate out here? LOL.

I meant, if you get a job offer, can you gouge out a decent salary?

Don’t do what someone I know did this weekend. I was selling an item on Craigs and some people were coming over and this person said, “Be sure to tell them this is faded (visible—let them tell me) and maybe you should charge less.”

Maybe YOU should let me do the talking.

The item was not what they wanted anyhow—but at least I didn’t negotiate with myself.

Lindsay Nadrich wrote about salary nego in the AZ Republic, Aug 21, 2011.

Be sure to research salary ranges. The employer will probably ask your desired range—have an answer.

Try to avoid naming a flat number.

Wait on even discussing salary. Let the employer bring it up.

If the offer is lower than you like, bring up perks, benefits, expense accounts, stock options, extra vacation—anything that could take the sting out.

The best one, I think, is: Do you think we could look at this is six months?

Always bring it back to how much you like the place and what you will contribute.

If it really bombs, walk away nicely. But only do that if you simply could not live with the number.

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