Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have it YOUR way

Those endless job websites, sending your res into the Black Hole—how about turning that around and creating a marketing plan for yourself?

Jennifer Anderson, director of career services at the Art Institute of Nashville, recommends creating a list of 50 places you would like to work—maybe they are nearby, you know someone there, you used to know someone there, you have their products, some reason.

Gather the website, location, contacts, human resources manager’s name, as well as the manager of the dept where you would like to work, Anderson advises.

Create a spreadsheet or an index card for each co. Do the same homework you could if you were going there for an interview. Make a note of every contact and the date and reaction.

Keep approaching each company until you decide it isn’t happening there.

Don’t be a pest. This is your hunting list, but be pleasant and casual.

Fifty sounds like a lot to me—how about 10?

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