Monday, August 8, 2011

Ixnay on sex with coworkers

First, even if it’s consenting, it can get sticky and embarrassing and hurt both careers. How do I know? Let’s just say I do.

Victoria Pelham, AZ Republic, Aug 7, 2011, also takes up other forms of hanky-panky that might not be so consensual.

Unwanted touches, brush-bys, innuendos, dumb jokes or emails, requests for you to stay late, and other tacky behavior can make work a living hell.

Tell your coworker, either gender, to stop it right away. Say you are not interested. Leave little room for doubt—don’t send mixed messages, “You are so nice and in other circumstances…” Say: Not in this lifetime. Don’t laugh at offensive jokes.

If this continues, go to HR. There are laws and companies don’t want to get nailed.

Try to put some space between you and the person. Switch desks if you can—or projects.

You could also request a session of harassment training.

Always document the incidents—date, time, place, who was there, are there witnesses. Be clear, factual, not emotional.

Others may end up seeing your list.

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