Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Losing Face(book)

Letting it all hang out on FB is like forgetting you are on a reality show that is always filming.


I am FAR from an authority—I don’t even tweet…but here are some dumb FB moves I read about.

Putting your whole birthday. First the cute studs will ignore you and second, one of them will have another piece of info for ID theft.

Saying, “Off on our vacation, see you in two weeks.” Only bring up the vacay when you get back and have some (clothed) pix to show. (Someone commented that robbers know you will probably be out during the day…but breaking in when you could show up is iffier for them.)

Don’t use obvious password. I am horrible on this..with the insertion of symbols and numbers, etc. I can confuse myself in one second!

Remember, law enforcement actually looks at this stuff sometimes. Don’t talk about creeping someone’s house or something. They hate that.

Use the privacy features. Hmmm, could someone explain this.

Don’t mention the names of your minor kids. Actually they are probably doing that. But it’s better not to help the bad guys queue up to hurt you.

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